We're Illumewise

About us

A snapshot in 200 words

Who we are

Creatives, misfits, marketers, educators, new school, old school, idealists, pragmatists, hustlers, business, leisure, team, friends, family.

What we do

Illumewise is an education marketing agency which uses our online brands to inspire people to learn & grow. Our team has been in digital marketing since 2005 & education marketing specifically since 2012.

What we love

Using our skills to build things which make a positive impact in the world (while having as much fun as possible along the way of course).

What our mission is

To inspire one million people to learn & grow. Because we believe an educated world can create a better world.

Our values

Ideals that make us happy

Thirst for learning and growth.

We believe if you have a love for learning & growth, you can achieve anything. We focus on it, we believe in it, it’s part of our culture.

In order to grow to the stars we will go.

We seek to inspire people to believe in themselves and have the courage to follow their dreams. We encourage our team to do the same. Dare to dream, have the courage to pursue them.

On the pulse and actually care.

We believe that being a good team player, and creating value in the world, comes down to paying attention and caring. Caring about what you are doing, and the people you are doing it with. Through this, all things are possible.

Humble, hungry, smart.

Humility, to help us stay grounded, listening to others, and always improving. Hungriness, to give us the courage to reach beyond our comfort zone and put in the work to get there. Emotional Smarts, to ensure we cultivate great relationships with people we can trust, support us, and help us thrive.

Our leadership

Imagine. Listen. Focus. Build.


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