Illumewise is a digital media agency that was born out of the grassroots of entrepreneurialism. No degrees. No corporate ladder. No venture capital funding. No offices. Through experience, Illumewise found out which traditions can be bent, broken, or still stay true. This experimentation still runs free today. Illumewise uses digital media to leverage, automate and generate growth. We invest in ideas that excite us. We then help them to grow using the superpower that is the internet.

Our team

Dyah Kane

Co Founder

Marketing enthusiast, human potential seeker & abundance hacker. Starting his internet marketing journey in 2001,  he specialises in digital media, lead generation, and scaling online.  You’ll find him designing the future,  getting creative, and guiding the team.

Jon Gardner

Co Founder

An avid traveller, culture lover, Jon likes nothing more than to get social and meet people. Starting his sales career in radio, he specialises in partnerships, clients, and fostering relationships. You’ll find him spending time with clients, partners and the people side of the business.

Tiffany Bismark

Digital Advertising

Horse racing enthusiast, and Facebook marketing fanatic, Tiffany received her Bachelor of Marketing in 2016. She love’s nothing more than building winning campaigns for clients and hitting the races for a day out. You’ll find her managing the marketing team and  building campaigns for  partners.

Thom Gardner

Systems & Content

Youtube star and man bun expert. Thom specialises in multimedia content and technical wizadry.  You’ll find him getting creative with the content, and ensuring the technical side of the business is running smoothly.

Jacob McDonagh

Client Relations

Basketball draft pick, and gym junkie. Jacob like’s getting amongst clients, meeting new people, and building relationships. You’ll find him working with partners and the marketing team, to help reach client targets..

Melissa Patterson

Digital ADVertising

Experienced RTO sales manager turned digital marketing enthusiast. She decided to take her hand at the technical wizardry of social media marketing and apply her people skills to the internet world. You’ll find her building out advertising campaigns with the team.

Jazz Gardner


Fashionista and travel lover. She’s been on the team since 2014 and is one of the more travelled of the group. You’ll find her ensuring the reports are on point and making sure the organic social media campaigns are rocking.

Willam Phillps


Family man and taro connoisseur. William joined the team in 2013, both as financial controller and Dyah and Jon’s lunchtime gym partner. You’ll find him ensuring the books are looking good and the numbers are accurate.