Double Your Lead Volume By Making Your Offer Clear And Valuable

The headline is the first thing a potential student sees when they land on your course page. This is your chance to clearly communicate the best advantages of doing this course in one line.

You could say that the headline is going to be 50% of the sale. Your goal is to fit your offer into that headline. We find that many colleges struggle to clearly communicate why a student should do that course instead of another college’s course which might be similar.

This is simply a function of 2 things;

1. Not knowing what the competition has on offer and figuring out what is unique about your course or college compared.
2. Not knowing why students choose to do that course instead of other courses similar.

The quick fix to creating a solid offer is this;

Listen closely to the students who are buying and note WHY are they buying from you. Over time, you should get a clear picture of who they are and why they are buying.

Yes, there might be multiple types of people buying. But you will notice similar things appearing.

For example, you might have “Stay at home mums” signing up to do courses because…

“They want to make the most of their time and get a certification while they have a baby so they have career options when they get into the workforce. They don’t have much money, so your low-cost payment options make a big difference to them. ”

So once you know this for this group you simply write a headline like…

“Study while at home. Super low payment options.”

What this does is talk to the majority of the people who are buying this course on the website (in this example “stay at home mums”.

Remember, your website is simply a sales person. Your website should be saying similar things (but in a more concise version) as your best salesperson.

So remember to listen to the students and what their needs are. When you figure out what they are buying (their future dream), why they are buying (so they can study from home and there are low payment options).

Put those details so everyone can see them clearly on your course page (preferably in a headline and above the fold).

Do this and you are on your way to making your offer a tailor fit to your audience.

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