Double Your Leads by Fixing Your Website

If you are already generating traffic to your website, one of the quickest ways to increase your leads is to simply increase the conversion rate of your website.

Many colleges struggle with this due to not having in-house web design staff or a website that was designed by an agency and now they need to keep getting that agency to make changes.

While I have no issues with agencies at all, outsourcing it means it’s hard to constantly test new landing page designs for higher conversions ratios.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your course pages converting well (generally speaking).

  1. Make your offer clear and in the headline.
  2. Ensure you have all the key points of your offer above the fold of your screen (so people don’t need to scroll down).
  3. Have a call to action above the fold of the screen.
  4. Make sure your landing page looks good on mobile screens.
  5. Keep it simple and readable.
  6. Make sure the page loads quickly (if people need to wait they are gone).
  7. Ensure your inquiry form works properly on mobile (70% of traffic is mobile now).
  8. Make the language easy to understand.
  9. Make sure your offer is clear and valuable.
  10. Make sure you have removed as much of the student’s barrier to entry as possible.

Remember a landing page that is converting at 1% currently, optimized to a conversion rate of 2% is going to double your lead volume (and possibly your revenue) without you needing to increase spending.

Dyah Kane
Illumewise | Lead Generation Specialists