Double Your Leads By Reducing The Barriers To The Sale

The funny thing about people is only reason they won’t buy something is;

1. They don’t want it (amazing right?).
2. There’s something stopping them getting it.

The good news is… if they are on your website, you know there is some interest in what you have to sell.

So you’re all good there.

But the bad new is..if they aren’t inquiring about what you have to offer it usually means they are encountering some “barriers to entry”.

In the education industry is usually means…

They think they don’t have the time.
They are worried about the cost.
They are worried about the commitment.
They don’t trust you.
They fear they will fail.
They fear they will look stupid.
They think they can get a better deal elsewhere.
The goal when the focus is on increasing leads and sales for your college is to remove as many of these fears as possible and communicate that clearly on your website.

Some of these things you cannot remove since there is always going to some eligibility requirements for courses, that’s cool. But other things we have much better control of.

If we are going to use 80/20 to define what the biggest barrier to entry is for most students, it would come down to only 2 things…

Worry about the cost.
Worry about them being about to do it.

If you can remove/reduce these two obstacles you will increase your lead volume.

So how do you do this?

Well, the cost issue is an easy one. Simply add more payment options. Don’t just rely on government funding. In our experience, if you have ANY payment options that are less than a $40 per week price point you will have a lot more people taking your offer on.

The second one (worry about them being about to do it) is about 2 things;

  1. Building up their confidence.
  2. Leading them to practical solutions.

For example;

Their fear might be “ I won’t have time to do it after work”.

Your solution might be “ Course is online in your own time. 1 hour per lesson.”

So the practical part of your business would be to ensure you have their solution (can be done online).

The confidence building part would be to communicate that clearly on your course page.

So the way to put this in action is to talk to the sales team and ask why the main reasons people are buying and not buying.

  1. Highlight the reasons people are buying and make them clear on your website.
  2. Where possible, find practical solutions to overcome the reasons people aren’t buying.
  3. Once you have found them, then highlight your solutions on your course page.
  4. Remember MOST people will not inquire and MOST people will not buy.

But the good news is that if you can make a few small changes and change your conversion rate from 1% to 2% you have doubled your revenue.

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