Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

Generate quality student inquires for education providers using our online education marketplaces & a myriad of paid advertising campaigns.

Whats the cost of your service?

At present, you simply pay per lead.

Why would we want to use your service if we already do our own advertising?

Simply put, having more than one brand selling your courses in the market is better than you just selling your own. In our experience, you are better off having two or three strong brands promoting your courses than just one (since audiences respond differently to different brands and advertising). Having two bets in the game, is better than just having one if the odds are similar for both.

How do you do it?

We have multiple well-known marketplaces which attract their own google rankings, student traffic, and we drive traffic to them too via places like Adwords and Facebook. Students use these online brands to find out about courses and then inquire about them. We then send those inquiries to the partner in which the student inquired about.

How does your service work?

We have a look at your courses & requirements, we then get on a quick call to discuss your needs and which services is a good fit for you. Once that is agreed, we build you some campaigns to test out the market and see how it goes. If everything works, we the scale you up to capacity, then set you on a plan to keep you there.

What do we get in your service?

It depends on the service you use with us. But the simple version is a listing/s on our education market place/s, a course funnel for each course (with split testing) and unlimited/ongoing campaigns & creatives etc (since we do what is needed to get the result rather than set and forget).

How much are your leads/student inquires?

Student lead prices can vary depending on country, course type, competition, eligibility criteria, course offering etc. Even though you may simply want a lead price before you decide if you want talk to us, the reality is that there is no authentic way to provide a quality estimate without understanding your business first. Much of the reason for this is that we use multiple channels with much of the traffic being paid advertising (and in this case what you are offering to the market dictates how responsive they are to your courses). Have a quick talk with one of our team to get an estimate.

Where do the leads/inquires come from?

Google (SEO, Adwords, GDN etc), Facebook, Snapchat, and any other media channel that is showing good results for our partners. Each channel has its pros, cons, and uses depending on your goals.

We are already promoting in alot of those channels, what happens if I don’t want your to compete with us?

The reality of the situation is that in many cases it’s better if we promote your courses AS WELL in that channel. The reason being is that a) you are going to have your competitors push the bid prices up & take eyeballs away from your offers either way so b) having our team promote your business in that channel as well can give you two shots at the audience, rather than just one (your own) can benefit you in many cases (rather than trying to keep us out). Talk to our team about this for more details.

How good are the quality of the leads/how well do they convert into enrolments?

Our student inquires are real live inquires who have either a) are searching for a course like yours or b) match all the targeting options for someone who would be interested in a course like yours. We then drive them to landing pages with all the details of your course on it and then have them inquire after they have read about about it. In this way, we know they have spent the time reading your offer and are interested in getting more information at minimum-which improves your conversion rate. How well the leads turn into enrolments will depend greatly on the course type you have, along with the offer and eligibility criteria. There is a vast range in enrolment conversion rates based on this, not only between course types but also between providers and even month to month. Generally, our partners range between 5% to 20% if they have a strong call centre, follow up system, and competitive offer to the market.

How interested/hot are the inquiries?

These student leads are live inquires who just inquired about your course after seeing it & reading all the information about it. They aren’t peoples names that have been sitting in a database that have been sold to you, nor have they been incentivised to hand over their information. These are real people who legitimately saw an ad, read about your course, then decided to inquire about it.

How many inquiries/leads can you get me per week?

It depends on your course type, country, course offerings, amount of courses etc. Our partners require anywhere from 50 to 1000’s per week.

Are the leads from Jobseeker websites?

Hell no, we do not use fake inquires harvested from Job seeker websites.

What happens if I don’t get any enrolments during the trial period?

Well, thats bad for both of us- since you most likely wouldn’t want to stay with us as a partner, which neither of us would want. In our experience if the leads are being taken care of well, and the offer is competitive-not getting enrolments in this case is a rare event. Generally we work with you to ensure a positive outcome for both our teams, since in many cases we are losing money during the trial period- so its in our best interest to do whats possible to make it work.

Do you have any guarantees?

No guarantees, since every partner is radically different. But we can promise you that if we take you on for a trial, we feel that there is a decent chance we can get you enrolments- or it makes no sense for us to do all the work for you in the first place.

Are the leads from scraped or email lists we’ve bought?

Again, hell no, we do not buy or send you inquires from these places. We work with partners years, these sorts of practices are for businesses who care about a quick buck, not making the industry better for everyone.

Am I going to have to be chasing these leads forever?

This is a common concern, low answer rates etc. The reality is that some weeks people will be hard to get hold of, other weeks everyone will be answering and enrolling. In our experience when you are playing the long game, there will always be ups and downs. We believe the goal is a strong average over the long term- rather than judging things on one point in time (or we could just cherry pick numbers that make us look great to impress you but don’t tell the true story).

What happens if I think the leads are rubbish?

It’s bad for both of us. We don’t get a chance to work with you long term, and you miss out on future enrolments. As mentioned before, we spend ALOT of time getting you set up correctly- so if you aren’t happy with the trial it costs us alot more than it costs you. So it’s in our best interest to make it work for both of us, and it’s also why we need to vet our potential partners well before we take them on.

Have you sold courses like mine/ours before?

We’ve been selling courses multiple countries in multiple niches since 2012, so there is a good chance we’ve at least dabbled in your space.

Why should we use your service if we already have an inhouse marketing team, or use an agency?

It’s common for our partners to have their own inhouse team, or be using a traditional digital agency. Our goal is not to replace them, but to supplement them. This is how our most successful partners dominate their niches- by having two or three lead generation presences in the market. We promote your courses via our education market place and brands, not on your website- and this is a good thing. Having your courses on our brands gives you more channels to promote through, increasing your attention and exposure to students who may not respond directly to your own marketing. Combine that with a pay per lead, it’s a solid way to get more exposure to the market even if you have your own marketing program.

How long is the trial period?

Generally we have you results in about 14 days, but it takes about 6-8 weeks to dial in some consistent averages.

What sort of courses work best with your system?

Generally courses with a strong payment plan, large market appeal, and a competitive offer.

What makes you different from the standard agency, my in-house team, or other lead providers?

Three things; Specialist experience, results-based performance, and longevity. Experience–our team has been selling accredited courses online, every day, all day, since 2012. We don’t have 100 different types of clients, nor only have a couple of years experience. We live and breath results-based education marketing Results based-we’ve only been getting paid on performance this whole time. This means we generally take on alot more risk, and put in far more work than other agencies. We live and die by the results. Longevity- we’ve had some of the same clients for nearly a decade, many do their own thing then come back, others want to become business partners or want to lock in exclusivity deals. We focus on long term value for everyone-not a quick easy buck.

Are there any contracts?

No, there aren’t any contracts. But we generally only want to work with partners who are willing to work with us for a few months before they make their final judgement.