How Colleges Can Increase Online Marketing Conversions

Want to Increase Your Conversions?
As the online study trend continues to expand more and more colleges are turning to online marketing so they can generate enrolments. This strategy starts off well but soon goes pear-shaped because the leads generated don’t convert to enrolments.

Let me attempt to shed light on why this happens (hint, the problem is not the marketing).

1. Complicated enrollment processes
that do not allow for ‘fully’ electronic applications. Is there any valid reason these days for not accepting an electronic signature? Is there any valid reasons for asking students to download and print out application forms, fill them in, scan them, upload and then email back to the enrollment department? Many of the target audience for these courses don’t even have printers anymore. There are just too many hoops to jump through so potential students throw in the towel and go elsewhere.

2. No online merchant facilities
that allow a student to pay enrollment fees right there and then when they are motivated to take action. This has to be one of the biggest reasons students abandon enrollment. Colleges need to update their internal policies and procedures to address this part of the enrolment journey. I understand that Colleges don’t like paying the merchant fees (who does), but how many students are they losing each week because of this type of thinking?

3. No payment plan available
which makes the training inaccessible to a lot of potential students who don’t have a few thousand dollars up their sleeve. Implementing some kind of payment plan is something that definitely improves conversions to enrollment, especially if the payment plan is considered affordable. In our experience, courses that have a payment plan of under $40 per week, have a higher conversion rate.

4. The “hoops”
that students have to jump through while going through the enrolment process. For example, the student having to provide certified ID (which usually means finding a Justice of the Peace to verify) or providing proof of a certain level of education again, sometimes this has to be certified. Having a long arduous enrolment form to fill in that is not mobile friendly. At least 80% of internet browsing is done on a smartphone these days so colleges need to adapt. Prospective students should only have to provide essential information to get started. The bureaucratic requirements can come after you have welcomed them through your doors.

In short, the more seamless a college can make an enrollment for a prospective student, the better.

If you work for a college are looking for ways to increase your student enrolments, feel free to reach out to us or get a free analysis report from us on how we can help your college.

Jon Gardner
Illumewise ⎮Education Lead Generation Specialists