LinkedIn Groups For Online Course Support

If you are an online course provider looking to provide a more meaningful learning experience for your students, then a private LinkedIn Group could be a great solution for you.

The problem with many existing online course support portals is they are not frequently utilised because students today prefer to interact on social media platforms. That’s why private Groups on social media work so well, because students are already logged in.

Facebook Groups are an option too but there can be issues with that because both students and tutors need to join these Groups under their ‘personal’ profiles and there can be a reluctance to do that due to privacy issues.

Joining a private LinkedIn Group, however, feels less intrusive because a LinkedIn profile is more ‘professional’ than personal.

As an administrator of a LinkedIn Group you can:

1. Encourage students to ask questions share their insights, network with each other and post their completions. This creates a real sense of community, belonging and motivation to complete.

2. Post one ‘announcement’ per week that gets delivered to each students email address.

3. Be seen as a leader in online course support by having a presence on the world’s largest professional social media platform.

>> You can learn more about starting your own LinkedIn Group here.

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn Groups?

Are they are a good idea for online course support? Why or why not?

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Jon Gardner
Illumewise ⎮Lead Generation Specialists