Our Pay Per Lead Model delivers qualified leads to Education Providers. We make it simple...No lead, no cost.

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So how does our Pay Per Lead model work?

Tired of standard lead generation agencies?

Are you the person responsible for growing student enrolment numbers and struggling to meet your targets each month?

Have you engaged third parties to take care of your marketing and the reality is that you are receiving pretty weak quality referrals?

Is your team spending too much time dialling and forever redialling so called “leads” that never answer your calls?

Here's some of our results from 2020

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Campaigns Created
0 +
Custom Ad Creatives Built
0 M+
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People Reached
0 +
Student Inquiries
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Est Enrolments

Is an alternative way to cultivating potential students worth considering?

  • Are you the person responsible for growing student enrolment numbers and struggling to meet your targets each month?
  • It is well known that third-party lead generators are forever tying customers into long term expensive commitments with messy service agreements, charge set up fees, and have extra costs for amendments or updates!

If you are all too familiar with these comments above are looking for a solution, then consider this!

  • We ask how many leads you need per week.
  • We carry out some due diligence.
  • We agree on a price per lead.
  • We invoice you for your leads.
  • We deliver your leads.

“Zero to one million in sales in just over 3 months.”

Thomas Bulmer

Founder of My Learning Online

It adds up to more scalability, reliability, sustainability, enrolments, and solid value for your marketing budget over the long term.


Simplify your marketing efforts. Less management is good.


More predictability and reliabilty for your admission teams numbers each week.


Scale your student enquiries faster & cheaper than doing it all yourself.

Reduce Risk

Diversify your student lead sources, improve cashflow.

“Our student numbers have increased by 360% this month.”

Stuart Law​

Head of Admissions, Latrobe Didasko​

Common Questions

Why should we use your service if we already have an inhouse marketing team, or use an agency?

It’s common for our partners to have their own inhouse team, or be using a traditional digital agency. Our goal is not to replace them, but to supplement them. This is how our most successful partners dominate their niches- by having two or three lead generation presences in the market.

Combine that with a pay per lead, it’s a solid way to get more exposure to the market even if you have your own marketing program.

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What makes you different from the standard agency, my in-house team, or other lead providers?

Three things:

Specialist experience, results-based performance, and longevity.

Experience-our team has been marketing programs/courses online, every day, all day, since 2012. We don’t have 100 different types of clients, nor only have a couple of years experience. We live and breath results-based education marketing

Results based-we’ve only been getting paid on performance this whole time. This means we generally take on a lot more risk, and put in far more work than other agencies. We live and die by the results.

Longevity- we’ve had some of the same clients for nearly a decade, many do their own thing then come back, others want to become business partners or want to lock in exclusivity deals. We focus on long term value for everyone-not a quick easy buck.

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